What is this?

It’s a novel told over the course of ten days; or it’s a recipe-sharing app in some faraway land; or both.

What do you mean by “ten days”?

The adventure occurs over the course of ten days in story-time, told via ten installments of daily news and recipes. This is delivered to you as it happens, every morning, same as any other unfolding news story.

What if I miss a day?

The Index will automatically pause to await your return.

Can I advance to the next day without waiting?

We applaud your eagerness! (Though we frown on your disregard for narrative realism.) If you’d like to speed up time itself, please consult Leonard Neeble’s proposal in the Q&A section.

Do I have to read all those other recipes, or just Flora’s?

Well, you don’t have to read anything. But no — those other recipes are mostly just goofy bits of whatever. Read as many as you please, ignore the rest.

Can I write my own recipes?

​​Not only ​can​ you, but technically you are legally required to. Probably this is not practically enforceable (for jurisdictional reasons), but better safe than sorry, right? To contribute your own dish to the Index, go to the Cookbook section and tap the pencil icon.

Can I share this with friends?

New citizens are always welcome! At the bottom of every recipe in the Cookbook is a Forward button, which allows you to share recipes with people who have not yet joined the Index. Please do.

What if I just want to read this, no funny business?

You can read at whatever pace you want; you can disregard recipes other than Flora’s; and you can allow the Index network to function without interaction.

No, I mean NO funny business.

Sounds like you might prefer the hardcover edition — or even the paperback or Kindle, for even fewer wangdoodles.

Wait, The Pickle Index also exists in print?

It does! There’s a crazy two-book full-color slipcased hardcover edition, published by Sudden Oak Books; and a sporty paperback from FSG Originals, with original woodcuts by Ian Huebert.

Do the different versions have different texts?

The core texts are very similar, though not identical. The other elements — interconnected paintings, handsome woodcuts, tentacled endpapers, dynamic maps, citizen violations, etc — are unique to their particular edition. The goal is to take advantage of the specific advantages and limitations of each format, rather than attempting to simulate an identical experience across all media.

Am I supposed to buy all three versions?

You are not supposed to do anything. Each edition is designed to stand entirely on its own. There are different pleasures to be gained from each format, and each reader has his or her own preferred reading style. Or are you asking if buying multiple copies of all three editions will make you a better person? Yes, it will.

I prepared and ate one of the recipes — “Sour Dill Kibbles” by Felix Kerchief. I subsequently fell ill and was abandoned by my cats. How much money can I sue you for?

All recipes are for entertainment and enlightenment only, much like any other classic work of literature. Please direct your lawsuit toward Mr. Kerchief, Trench 4, Outer Spagg.

I am interested in a three-day/four-night tour of Clurt and the surrounding brine swamps; where can I sign up in case such an outing becomes available?



What is the purpose of creating my own account?

A user account allows you to save your progress, sync across multiple devices, or let multiple readers share a single device. If you choose not to make an account, your progress will only be stored locally and may be lost if you upgrade or lose your device. If you don’t create an account during the intro, you can make one later from the side menu and your current progress will be added to it.

I’m signed into multiple devices with the same account, but they are not synchronized. What am I doing wrong?

First check that both have an internet connection. Devices sync every time the app is launched and then periodically after that. If you’re using two devices at literally the same time, you may find the changes do not propagate immediately. Tap the large spinning node on the home screen to force a sync at any time.

How do I change the size of the text?

The app renders its longform content based on iOS’s Dynamic Type setting. To change it, go to iOS Settings and then to Display & Brightness > Text Size.

Can I read this without a data connection?

Yes. The app requires a data connection the first time it’s run and for syncing progress across multiple devices, but otherwise all content can be read offline.

What if my question is not answered here or I have found a bug?

Please email us using the Email Support option in the app side menu; this will append useful debugging information to your mail, which will help us solve your problem.